I think that coaching and working out should be something to look forward to. I remember when I modeled in the late 80's that I had a great working out experience at the Molly Fox Studio in New York City. She had instructors that you did not want to miss and the workouts were tough. She had instructors with great personalities like Jon Giswold that inspired you as they gave you the toughest workouts and a wide variety of workout moves. One of the classes utilized resistance bands and though it really stressed the muscles, I was there day after day week after week. Being in show business, sometimes I would be there early morning and late evening. Even after Molly Fox closed and moved to LA, I remember her workouts and those helpful resistance bands!

This place inspired me to be the best I could be and that is what I want to bring to you. I like to keep changing your session. And of course I bring the resistance bands with a lot of variety! I also utilize pilates balls, pilates rings, rolls and any small apparatus. The larger pilates ball is a favorite and helps to quickly tone up. I have a private studio in my space, fully mirrored, small pilates apparatus, weights, bars, rebounder and massage table. Perfect for anyone who really wants to workout privately.

I introduced the larger pilates ball in one of my 6:30am classes as just a change from the usual mat format. The next thing I knew, they were rolling them in themselves every time I taught!! They saw a big fitness difference and wanted to keep training with them! The students in my classes help me to keep me on my game and I try to bring them new and innovative workouts each week. (Don't forget to Check my Calendar for the times and classes I teach!)

Part of my fitness background is in Dance, Strength training, Hi Lo Cardio, Rebounding and Spinning. I especially like to bring the weights into training as they are effective muscle building tools. The fitness world is trending now into incorporating cardio even into strength training. Depending on fitness level and need our sessions keep moving to obtain those fitness goals! Even with the intensity, the workouts will hold your interest!!

Have you ever had a training session where the trainer is watching the clock or totally disinterested as you are doing your reps?? I have seen this and fortunately it was not at any club or studio where I currently work!! When you work out, we are a team and we are both working toward achieving your goals so I am there for you for your entire session. I enjoy working together to obtain those fitness goals.

Along the way I developed an interest in working with people needing specialty work or rehabilitation. One of my clients insisted that we work entirely from laying on the mat as she was so tired from working when she got home. So, I had to get pretty creative to give her a good workout! I also went to the Swedish Institute and got a massage license. If you need work on your back, knee, shoulder or whatever--I help you within the workout with massage and stretch and after. You will feel better and a lot of times get better with the extra help.

In 2009, I moved to Michigan for most of the year to help my mom who was/is getting on in years and was having trouble just walking to the corner, lack of muscle strength, poor balance! Her fitness regimen had taken a back seat to a few very emotion ridden years. I really worked her that year! We used all the pilates small apparatus, the reformer, the gym and the pool and now at 80 she is going strong. Go Seniors!! Yes, seniors make big improvements as they get back into the fitness game. And with my senior expertise, I am happy to help. (Silver Sneakers certified)

A lot of my pilates training with Rehabilitation comes from master teacher Lesley Powell who is the owner of Movements Afoot in New York. I have been through many seminars and workshops as well as completing the entire Pilates Certification including apparatus with Balanced Body. I also teach and provide personal training there if you would like to workout with the complete pilates apparatus.

Please email, if you would like to set up an initial meeting and we can discuss your goals and what your time schedule looks like as well as fees. I would be happy to bring my workout tools to you! My fees are reasonable; packages are available. Please contact me and let's get started!!

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